Refinery Process Chemicals

Our Refinery Process Chemicals include Corrosion Inhibitors, Neutralization Agent, Defoamer, Scale Inhibitor, Improver, Dechlorine Agent , Combustion improver, Passivator, Desulfurizing Agent...
  • Description
    This agent is mainly used for sweetening refining of stabilized gasoline which is produced in catalytic cracking unit in the refining, it is suitable for alkali free deodorization new technology. It can increase the rate of gasoline sweetening. This product has the features of high effective concentration, stable quality, less usable amount, good adaptability and etc., it can extend the activated carbon’s life which is in the reaction bed (with catalyst). The agent is toxicless and odorless, non-corrosive, lower cost.

    Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Introduction

    It uses Pt as the main active component , used in the FCC Unit or DCC unit ( deep catalytic cracking unit)of the refinery.
    Features: It can quickly extinguish the fire and restrain secondary combustion stably and persistently, it has good hydrothermal stability, and has very low or no cracking activity.

    Technical Data
  • Introduction

    At present, the electric desalting technique in oil refinery can only remove alkali or alkaline earth metal chlorides, but could not remove organic chlorides resulted from organic chlorine additive which is added during oil recovery process. It is known that during distillation organic chlorides can decompose partly and enter the top fraction to corrode equipment.

    Without any change of the technique, this problem can be solved by adding the product into crude oil before electric desalting. With the presence of the product, chlorine element from organic chlorides could be transferred to water phase by molecular interaction to achieve an effective removal of organochlorine.
    The product applies to all types of crude oil for organochlorine removal.
  • Introduction

    The product is suitable for delayed coking device. It can increase the yield of gasoline and diesel, improve the activity of thermal cracking reaction, and improve the selectivity of delayed coking reaction by inhibiting free radical chain reaction, reducing dry gas generation, preventing aromatic condensation to reduce coke formation.
  • Introduction

    The product is composed of rare earth element-organic compound, heteropolyacid (and its salt), antioxidant and solvents. It has an ability to resist oxidation,avoid coking, scatter and enhance acid centers and metal passivation. It can reduce the by-product of dry gas, coke and hydrogen and increase the production of liquid gas (especially propylene), petro and diesel oil. It is a strong multipurpose improver which can prevent riser or reactor from coking and scaling.
With mastering of the different standards between international and China domestic, our own quality control center -technical quality department is responsible to control the quality & performance of all products and services. Effective control of all links and factors related to the production and delivery process to ensure that each production process is carried out in a controlled manner under controlled conditions, providing products that meet the requirements.
Technical quality department is responsible for the preparation and issue of production operation procedures, product standards and other technical documents, responsible for special process confirmation and process supervision and responsible for product inspection, determination of non-conforming product, supervision and control of identification and traceability;
Moreover, through cooperation with SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, East China university of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Hebei University of Technology, and other scientific research institutions and universities, we can offer a full package of solutions for all requirements.
As a supplement, we are willing to cooperate with several third party inspectors as required. Our vision is to delivery high-performance products to our customers with best quality and highest performance.
1.Provide the analysis report of physical and chemical properties, quality certificate and operation instruction, MSDS, product quality standard and inspection method,etc, which will ensure product quality.
2.Assist customers in formulating products industry usage plan (configuration concentration, using method, abnormal condition processing, etc.)
3.During the use of products, we will call customers timely to know about the usage situation, according to customer’s on-site technology and raw materials change to actively cooperate with customers to optimize the usage plan.
4.In case of any abnormity during the use of products, we shall respond to the request within four hours after receiving the notice.
Our goal is to provide a rapid response time to meet your needs, coupled with more focused dialogue, expert support and better overall results.

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