Multipurpose Improver for Catalytic Cracking Unit


The Improver is composed of rare earth element-organic compound, heteropolyacid (and its salt), antioxidant and solvents. It has an ability to resist oxidation,avoid coking, scatter and enhance acid centers and metal passivation. It can reduce the by-product of dry gas, coke and hydrogen and increase the production of liquid gas (especially propylene), petro and diesel oil. It is a strong multipurpose improver which can prevent riser or reactor from coking and scaling.

Using Range

It is suitable for catalytic cracking of wax oil, catalytic cracking of heavy oil, catalytic cracking of residual oil and catalytic cracking of heavy oil (DCC).


Appearance Dark brown liquid
Density 20℃, kg/m3860-1020
Dynamic viscosity, 50℃, mm2.s-14.0-11.0
Flash point ,℃≥60


1.Add the improver continuously into crude oil pipeline at the riser inlet through metering pump 

2.Added volume is about 80-120 ppm


Improver is packed in dedicated galvanized iron barrel with a net weight of 170 kg/barrel.

Service Effect

The dosage amount is 100 ppm (according to the catalytic materials), light oil yield can be increased by 1.0%.

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