CO Combustion Improver


This CO Combustion Improver uses Pt as the main active component , used in the FCC Unit or DCC unit ( deep catalytic cracking unit)of the refinery. 

Features: It can quickly extinguish the fire and restrain secondary combustion stably and persistently, it has good hydrothermal stability, and has very low or no cracking activity.

Technical Data


Package and Notice

1.It is sub-packaged by plastic bag and then packed with iron drum, with the net weight of 40 kg.

2.In the process of storage ,Please note moisture-proof, prevent the chemical pollution and sundries get mixed into it.

3.In the process of transportation, It should be discharged lightly, do not damage the packing.

Using Method

Method 1: Combustion Improver and catalysts are added together into the bed with the proportion of 1:100 (m/m), make the device to achieve the smooth operation, it is advisable to stop the secondary combustion occurred.

Method 2: When secondary combustion occurs, immediately inject 1-2 bags of combustion improver (4 kg),the secondary combustion is soon put out and restrained. 

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