Sweetening Activating Agent


This agent is mainly used for sweetening refining of stabilized gasoline which is produced in catalytic cracking unit in the refining, it is suitable for alkali free deodorization new technology. It can increase the rate of gasoline sweetening. This product has the features of high effective concentration, stable quality, less usable amount, good adaptability and etc., it can extend the activated carbon’s life which is in the reaction bed (with catalyst). The agent is toxicless and odorless, non-corrosive, lower cost. 

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Light yellow to dark brown liquid 
Freezing point ℃,≤0
Density ,20℃ kg/m3800-1000


1.Galvanized barrels of 150 kg .

2. Stored in a cool and dry place.

Using method (only for reference )

The range of thioether in gasoline:30-200ppm

Adding amount:10-30ppm (according to effective concentration of the feed) 

Adding temperature: Normal temperature 

Reactor space velocity: 1.5-4h-1.

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