Water-soluble Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor


This Water-soluble Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor is mainly used for waste water treatment in the oilfield, and watery crude oil pipelines to prevent corrosion in the transmission, avoid internal pipeline perforation, and protect metal containers and tanks.

The performance of this corrosion inhibitor is relatively complete, have good corrosion inhibiting action on a variety of metal materials (such as : variety of carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminium and aluminium alloy, etc).

It has the advantages of wide applicable scope, low cost , good corrosion inhibition effect, strong compatibility, no pitting, good dissolve performance, high temperature resistant, and no stimulating smell.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Application Method

The dosage amount is 40 -100 mg/L.

Added with quantitative dosing metering pump, and the concentration is according to the actual situation. 


Iron drum of 200kg

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