2020-02-29 09:47:42

Technology for Removing Organochlorine from Crude Oil

With the quality of crude oil from second and third oil production becoming increasingly poor,the organochlorine become increasingly higher.The electric desalting process can only remove inorganic chlorine ions instead of organochlorine. In crude distillation unit,the organochlorine will hydrolyze into chlorine ions under the effect of high temperature and steam and form corrosive H2S which will corrode the equipment and poison the catalysts in the downstream process units.With the reference to the organochlorine removal techniques , chloride transfer process has been studied by adding organochlorine transfer agent into the crude oil based upon crude oil properties and specific conditions. 

The study shows that this organochlorine removal technology is simple in process.When organochlorine transfer agent is added to the electric desalting unit,over 80% of organochlorine can be removed.When it is added at a dosage of of 10 ppm and 50 ppm,the organochlorine in crude oil can be reduced to 2 ppm and zero.The increase of Cl-in the overhead of crude distillation unit is the indication of effectiveness of chloride transfer process.

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