2019-11-15 14:33:16

Slop Oil Treatment


Currently, there exists a significant amount of seriously emulsified slop oil with high levels of impurities in both refineries and oilfields, and common processes fail to help treat such slop oil effectively. 

SOTU(Slop Oil Treatment unit), a slop oil regeneration technology, which was independently developed by Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Corporation, has overcome this challenge and effectively broken out of a vicious circle of slop oil in refining units. This technology ensures safe and stable operation of refining units and ease environmental pressures of companies by recycling aging(slop) oil from oilfields. 

The technology, which is stable and reliable, shows extreme uniqueness and functionality in sludge-containing slop oil treatment. With lower investment costs for users, it can bring considerable economic benefits for oilfields and refining & chemical companies. 

In 2010, XINCHANG developed and successfully tested SOTU for treating sludge-containing slop oil based on methods in high energy physics. The unit was put into operation in CNOOC's Caofeidian Oilfield and applied to treat 30,000 cubic meters of sludge-containing slop oil.

With SOTU being continuously transformed and upgraded, the fourth generation of the unit was put into production in several refining & chemical companies in 2018. 

Oil treated by using our SOTU would not experience any emulsification rebounds, thereby effectively breaking out of a vicious circle of slop oil in the system. 


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