2020-01-03 09:24:07

Slop Oil Treatment Unit


Our slop oil treatment unitand Sludge oil treatment unit use unique and innovative  two-stage cycle treatment technology process to treat crude oil sludge in an effective, economic and environment friendly manner to realize the physical separation of oil and water.We provide services to oil industries and refineries on there contracted sites, our staff follow HSE standards to provide highly efficient treatment services. 


1. Absorbing the military technology, we designed the separation equipment with special structure, which is helpful to accelerate the separation of oil, water and solid.

2. The equipment adopts special material and processing technology.

3. After treatment, the emulsification phenomenon will not occur again.


1. Oily water during production;

2. Aging oil;

3. Slop oil;

4. Crude oil sludge;

5. Crude oil storage tank bottom;

6. Pit sludge;

7. Refinery oily sludge.


In 2018, after technical upgrade, our slop oil treatment system was successfully used in the pretreatment of slop oil in Sinopec Cangzhou Branch.The result is superior to those in oilfield treatment. 

Before treatment:

The slop oil contains water: 5% , solid (volume):3.2% .

After primary treatment:

oil content in water: <250mg/L;

water content in oil : 7-14%;

oil content in solids: < 5-8% (weight ratio);

water content in solids : 75-85% (weight ratio);

After secondary treatment:

water content in oil:<3%;

Solid contents in oil: <0.4%.

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