Slop Oil Treatment Unit

Currently, slop oil can cause dangerous environmental hazards and costly storage problems and poses a serious burden to oil companies, local communities and governments. Slop oil has tremendous variation in composition both chemical and physically. A common thread is that they contain both water and solid impurities, large and small. Often the oil and water form a very tight emulsion. 

Our slop oil treatment unit is designed to treat slop oil with a wide range of characteristics and can upgrade many different types slop oil from oil fields, tanks, refineries and industries into valuable, marketable product. Our core technology is centrifugal separation technology, used to separate components with different specific gravity. 

For example, sludge having the following content:

Oil:                                20 – 30 % wt.

Water:                           30 – 60 % wt.

Solids:                             5 – 15 % wt.

is expected to typically have the following specs:


Water content:                                <   2 ww %

Solids content:                                < 0.8 ww %


Oil content:                                     <   300ppm

Solids content:                                <   2ww %


Oil content:                                     <   1.8%

After slop oil treatment, the emulsification phenomenon will not occur again. This special technology provide cost-effective and optimum solutions from environmentally acceptable procedures to achieve zero-discharge plans and improve fluids recovery. It helps us keep our environment clean and ensures that our operations are in compliance with international/national environmental legislation.

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