Slop Oil Treatment Process

Slop oil has the characteristics of serious emulsification phenomenon, high impurity content, and high salt content, which cannot be effectively treated by conventional gravity sedimentation, dehydration, naphtha dilution and other treatment processes.


1.The slop oil treatment technology developed by our company can realize the complete separation of oil, water and solid.

2.Slop oil was separated by physical technology to remove the solid suspension.

3.The two-stage cycle treatment technology is adopted to realize the physical separation of oil and water by super-strong gravity enlarging the core.

4.According to the different physical properties of slop oil and the actual situation, targeted treatment scheme was developed.

5.Treatment capacity:8m³/h~10m³/h.

Technology Characteristics

1. Absorbing military technology, we designed the separation equipment with special structure, which is helpful to accelerate the separation of oil, water and solid.

2. The equipment adopts special material and processing technology. Independent research and development, reaching international leading level. 

3. After Slop Oil Treatment Process, the emulsification phenomenon will not occur again, or the emulsification phenomenon will be greatly reduced(based on oil).

Application in 2018

1.In August 2018, the activated sludge reduction treatment of oxidation ditch of Sinopec Cangzhou Branch was carried out.

The activated sludge with water content of 99% was successfully treated, about 3000m³.

2.In November 2018, four thousand tons of sludge oil treatment project was carried out in Sinopec Cangzhou Branch for the dehydration and the removal of solid impurities.

After treatment, the water content and solids content in oil reached below 1.2% and 1.5% respectively, the oil content in sewage is less than 200mg/l, and the solid impurities contain more than 15% solids (meet the quality standards required by the manufacturer).

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