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Signing Ceremony of Jointly Building Petrochemical Additives Institute

Signing Ceremony of Jointly Building Petrochemical Additives Institute

On the morning of July 21, 2018, our company and Shenyang University of Technology held the signing ceremony of jointly building petrochemical additives research institute in the conference room 429 of Shenyang University of Technology. Li fei, chairman of Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Xinchang Chemical), and Liu Yanqiu, director of Science and Technology Department of Shenyang University of Technology signed the contract on behalf of both parties, reaching a consensus on establishing China's first petrochemical additives research institute.

Liu Yanqiu sincerely expressed that Shenyang University of Technology is looking forward to further cooperation with Xinchang Chemical. Li Fei, chairman of Xinchang Chemical, said that Xinchang Chemical can not become a leading enterprise in petrochemical industry in China without the cooperation and common development with Liu Gongzhao research group of Shenyang University of Technology for more than 20 years, and expressed the expectation of further deepening the cooperation with Shenyang University of Technology, as well as the confidence of maintaining the leading position in China.

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