SHJ-03 Diesel Pour Point Depressant


At present, most of pour point depressants used widely in the domestic market have certain effects on the reduction of condensation point of diesel, however, for other quality control index- cooling filter point more strictly required by the national standards, they do not have distinct effect on reducing the point. Diesel pour point  depressant researched and developed by our company with the support from key national institutions eliminates the shortcoming of only reducing condensation point without reducing cooling filter point or condensation point and cooling filter point can raise again by using traditional diesel pour point depressant. Our practical application shows that this agent can reduce the condensation point and cooling filter point of diesel simultaneously and drastically. 


    1.Less application quantity, good stability ,and easy to store.

   2.After this agent is added into diesel, diesel can be stored for a long time without the raising phenomenon of condensation point and filter point .

   3. No bad effect on other properties of the diesel. 

Technical Data


Package and Storage

   1.Net weight is 170kg, packed in galvanized barrels. It can be packed according to the customer’s requirement.

   2.This product is combustible, stored in cool and dry places, kept away from fire,and  handled with care.

   3.It must be kept water tight, otherwise the effectiveness will be affected.


    1.Added directly to diesel and mixed well.

    2.Dosage is 0.01-0.1% (Weight Ratio ). Because the agent has different using effect on different diesels, before using, it is better to do the selection test by matching diesel and the agent in order to find out the best dosage ratio, avoiding the waste. 


    1.The dehydration of diesel should be thorough, otherwise the polarity of polar group will be impacted, thereby, the inductivity of diesel will be affected .

       2.Avoid mixing the diesel with the agent with the diesel without the agent. 

     3.The agent should be added enough once, the effect of accumulated dosage will be not in direct proportion to the dosage amount. 

      4.The Pour Point Depressant and the diesel should be mixed evenly. 

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