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Production Growth Program For Delayed coking device


Production Growth Program For Delayed coking device

Meaning: Delayed coking technology is a major means of converting heavy oil to light product in our country. In ensuring the long period of operation, improving the yield of light oil, especially the liquid yield, is the goal of oil refinery and its development trend. The key to improve the economic benefit of the delayed coking unit is to reduce the production rate of the coke and dry gas and increase the liquid yield.

The most economical and simple solution: Adding delayed coking &anti-scale agent into raw residual oil can promote homolytic reaction of free radicals, reduce the formation of dry gas and coke,destroy the supermolecular structure of residue , avoid the condensation of aromatic hydrocarbon ,improve the selectivity of delayed coking reaction and increase the yield of gasoline and diesel. In industrial applications:

The total liquid can be increased by 0.8% with 100 ppm improver;  

The total liquid can be increased by 1.2% with 200ppm improver; 

The total liquid can be increased by 1.8% with 300 ppm improver; 

Successful application:

Sinopec Cangzhou branch company

Shandong Huifeng petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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