Passivation Cleaning Agent


The passivation cleaning agent can dissolve ferrous sulfide in the device and undergo oxidation decomposition to generate water-soluble substances and a small amount of precipitation. The corrosion inhibition technology of this product not only has no corrosion damage to carbon steel and stainless steel materials, but also has corrosion protection effect on equipment parts of copper and other materials.


1. Excellent flame retardant cleaning effect and effective prevention of spontaneous combustion of ferrous sulfide.

2. Soluble in water, neutral. After the reaction, a passivating film is formed on the metal surface.

3. Non-toxic and harmless, safe for operators.

4. Quick removal speed, difficult assembly of scale block, no gluing material to block the pipeline, tray and packing in the cleaning process.

5. No harm to the environment. Liquid waste meets the discharge standards of the sewage plant, no impact on the water plant.

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