2020-02-29 11:25:53

Organochlorine Transfer Agent for Crude Oil

There are two kinds of chlorides in crude oil, namely organic chlorides in the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons and inorganic chlorides formed with alkali metals or alkali earth metal ions.Both forms of chlorides can cause catalyst poisoning and equipment corrosion during crude oil processing.Inorganic chlorides can be removed with water during the process of crude oil desalination and dehydration.

However, organochlorine is not easily removed by conventional methods, and the content of organochlorine in crude oil hardly decreases after desalination.The existence of organochlorine will cause great safety hidden trouble to the oil field treatment system, especially to the refining and chemical enterprises. How to take effective preventive measures to reduce organochlorine is imminent.

Our organochlorine transfer agent for crude oil can convert the organochlorine in the crude oil to inorganochlorine under the process conditions of electric desalting and dehydration to remove organiochlorines and to reduce their detrimental effects in the downstream units.

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