Organic Silicon Defoamer


1. It has chemical inert, very stable except attacked by external agents , so it does not react chemically with the foaming material. 

2. It has heat and chemical resistance,can play the role of defoaming in high temperature, acid or alkaline medium. 

3. It is inflameble, and harmless in physiological.


AppearanceMilky white liquid
PH    6.0-8.0


1.It is sprayed on the foam when the foaming liquid has foam, it can also be previously added to foam generating medium.

2. Average adding amount is 50-100ppm, temperature range is -3 - 130 ℃.


This defoamer is an oil-in-water emulsion. If stored for a long time, there will be stratification. Please use after stirring or shaking, the product quality will not be affected.

Packaging and storage

25kg plastic drums, storage period is one year.

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