Oil-soluble Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor


This Oil-soluble Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor  can effectively solve the corrosion problem of pipelines. It is suitable for preventing corrosion in natural gas wells, natural gas pipelines,and oil pipelines.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Application Method

   1. Application in the natural gas well: add the additive to the down hole/underground through well casing or casing hoop space, adding amount is 10-30 ppm. 

  2. Application in the natural gas pipelines and oil pipelines: select one or several dosing point in the pipelines, adding amount is 10-30 ppm.

Package and Storage

  1. Packed with iron drum or plastic drum, with the net weight of 200 kg/barrel. 

  2. Stored in cool, dry and ventilated places, valid for two years. 

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