Neutralization and Film-forming Corrosion Inhibitor


HS-04 neutralization film-forming corrosion inhibitor is mainly used for preventing the corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) ,and hydrogen chloride at the atmospheric and vacuum unit,hydrofining unit, and the coking unit in the refinery. 

Distinguishing features

a. Water-solubility is good.

b.This product is a kind of composite neutralization corrosion inhibitor, which is compounded by many kinds of components.

(1) It can neutralize the acid of HCl, H2S and SO2 in water to prevent acid corrosion.

(2) This product includes film passivation technical recipes, and the passive film will be formed on the surface of the carbon steel pipe and equipment to prevent electrochemical corrosion. 

Technical Index

ItemQuality Data
AppearanceLight yellow liquid 
Density  (20ºC) kg/m³900-1100
PH 8.5-10.5
Pour point ºC


Using Method

The injecting amount should be 20~40ppm , it should be doubled at the first  month.


a.This Neutralization and Film-forming Corrosion Inhibitor should be stored in aeration-drying , shady and cool storeroom.

b. During the process of application, the customer should choose the best service condition according to the actual case.

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