2019-11-26 11:31:50

Neutralization Amine

The organic amine neutralizer is composed of multiple organic amine, it has wide boiling point range, can quickly neutralize and absorb the acid gas such as hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride in top oil gas, produce water-soluble salts at the same time.Compared with inorganic ammonia, it has the advantages of strong neutralization ability, rapid condensation at the initial stage of entering the tower top, increasing the pH value of dew point position, and no corrosion under scale.

The organic amine in neutralizer has strong alkalinity and can be neutralized with HCL and H2S in oil gas.The equation is:



The resulting macromolecular neutralization product has good dispersing effect and will not accumulate to form new scale corrosion.

The effect of neutralizer is judged by measuring the PH value and the content of Fe2+ in the condensate. The PH value must be controlled within the process index. The lower is the content of Fe2+ , the lighter is the corrosion , and the better is the anti corrosion effect.

Neutralization Amine

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