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Metal Passivating Inhibitor

Metal Passivating Inhibitor 


In oil refining industry, Metal Passivating Inhibitor has following applications.(1) to inhibit the catalytic effect of active metal ions (copper, iron, nickel, manganese, etc.) on oil oxidation,often used in combination with antioxidants in light fuels to improve oil stability and prolong storage life.(2) in heavy oil catalytic cracking, it is used to inhibit the influence of heavy metals (nickel, vanadium, copper, etc.) on the activity of the catalyst. It can effectively prevent the heavy metal elements from being deposited on the catalyst, which will poison or inactivate the catalyst and cause the catalyst to become selective spoiled, resulting in the reduced light oil yield. 


1.Stable performance, low toxicity, no smell and water soluble. 

2.High content of effective component, low consumption.

3.Good atomization and dispersibility property.

Technical Data

AppearanceLight yellow liquid
Density (200) kg/m31250-1450
Pour point ℃<-10
SolubilitySoluble in water

Package and Notice

1.This product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry storeroom, kept away from fire.

2. In the process of application, the user should choose the best injection rate according to the actual situation. 


1.The unit feed should be even, the Metal Passivating Inhibitor should be added continuously.

2.Balance catalyst must be kept at certain activating level, no less than 50m%

3.Suggested usage:

Normal Metal Passivating Inhibitor application volume(Kg/h)=4F*Cm*10-3

in the equation, 

F stands for catalytic cracking unit feeding speed (t/h)

Cm stands for Nickel and vanadium content (ppm) in the catalytic cracking unit feed

In practice production, if Metal Passivating Inhibitor has never been used before, it can be added to the system in faster speed, i.e. 2-3 times of normal speed, meanwhile, adjust the rate of Metal Passivating Inhibitor according to the passivation result. After a certain period of fast mode adding, if the gas production ratio and hydrogen content in dry gas and in fat gas remain unchanged, the fast adding mode should be stopped promptly, and add the agent according to normal value. 

4. In the application process, it should be added continuously to achieve the best effect.      

5. The addition of passivating inhibitor should be stopped about one week before the shutdown of catalytic cracking unit to avoid passivating inhibitor residue in the system and prevent the waste of passivating inhibitor.

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