2018-06-07 10:22:42

Industrial Report of Scale Inhibitor

Catalytic cracking Device is one of the important device for secondarily processing crude oil .In recent years, due to the poor quality of crude oil , it has led to the inferior raw material properties of catalytic cracking. The tendency of coking increased greatly in the slurry oil system and at the bottom of FCC fractionating tower. Coking in slurry system not only affects the heat transfer in the system and drops the producing ability, but also causes the downtime of device, causing great economic losses to the enterprise.Therefore, it is particularly important to guarantee the normal operation of the slurry system.


In the past, the processing measures of coking for slurry system was: (1)lowered the temperature at the bottom of tower, (2) installed device at the pumping slurry outlet (3) added filter at the inlet of pump, (4) raised the flow rate of slurry through the heat exchanger (5) cleaned slurry heat exchanger by turns.Temporarily, the implementation of these measures made the slurry system operate normal, but in the long run, It did not fundamentally solve the problem of coking in slurry system .In recent years, with the development of oil refining technology, the new technology of adding scale inhibitors into the slurry system to prevent coking and scaling has achieved a good effect.

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