Hydrogenation Corrosion Inhibitor



HS-02Hydrogenation corrosion inhibitor is mainly used for preventing the corrosion of high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hydrogen chloride at the hydrogenation unit in the refinery. 


a.It is oil soluble inhibitor, can be mutually dissolved with gasoline, kerosene, ethyl alcohol and acetone in any scale and no pitting, it won’t influence the quality of the oil.

b.The inhibitor has the advantages of high efficiency, less injection , wide protective part , wide scope PH application, and excellent compatibleness with ammonia or organic neutralization agent. 

c.The inhibitor is composed by many kinds of additives.

Technical Index

ItemQuality index
AppearanceLight yellow liquid 
Kinematic viscosity(40ºC) , mm2 /sActual observation
Density  (20ºC) kg/m³800-1200
PH   >7

Using Method

The injection amount should be about 80ppm (according to the total amount of oil-vapor ), and should be doubled in the first month.


a.This Hydrogenation Corrosion Inhibitor should be stored at aeration-drying , shady and cool places .

b. During the process of the application, the customer should choose the best service conditions according to the actual case of the factory.

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