Hydrofining fouling Inhibitor


JAF-2 hydrofining fouling inhibitor is suitable for preventing scale formation of hydrogenation heat exchanger in the oil refinery .


  1.There is no components (such as metal, etc.) in the scale inhibitor, which have bad effects on the activity of hydrogenation catalyst, product distribution, and product properties.

  2. Low ash content , lest cause reduced porosity on catalyst bed layer, increased bed pressure drop .

  3. Less adding quantity ,convenient to use, scale inhibition rate can reach more than 92%.

Technical Indicators


Using Method

It should be injected from the raw material inlet point, the dosage amount is decided according to the actual condition, the dosage amount is 80-100 ppm for the first month, then it is 60 - 80 ppm normally.


  1.This scale inhibitor for hydrogenation unit  should be stored in ventilated and dry storeroom, prevent the mixing of water and mechanical impurities .

  2. In the process of application, the user should choose the best condition according to the actual circumstance.

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