High Temperature Condensate Water Treatment

Process Introduction

Before the condense water enters the condensate tank, an online testing system shall be installed. When the water quality fails to meet the inlet index, the outlet valve shall be opened automatically, the water exceeding the standard shall not enter the condensate tank so as to avoid contamination of the subsequent process system and damage to the equipment.

The condensate water that meets the inflow index enters the condensate tank and then enters the security filter, the modified carbon fiber adsorber and the asymmetric ultra-micro filter.Our patented filter core removes mechanical impurities, suspended matter, hydrocarbons and high metal ions from the condensate.

The treated condensate is tested again by the online water detection system.Qualified condensate water enters the clean water tank and is raised for use by the condensate pump.The unqualified  is returned to the original water tank for further treatment.

Treatment Technology

Modified activated carbon fiber adsorption + asymmetric ultrafiltration

Technical Features and Advantages

1. High temperature resistance: Deal with high temperature condensate water  directly, the system temperature drop 5 ° C or less. 

2. Security: The on-line pollution detection system is adopted to increase the impact resistance of the device.

3. Anti-fouling: The material has a long service life and the filter element life under normal working condition is not less than 3 years.

4. Avoid secondary pollution: Do not use acid, alkali and other chemicals for regeneration, do not go through cooling treatment equipment.

5. High degree of automation: Controlled by PLC or DCS program without manual intervention.


This condensate water treatment process is only for medium pressure boiler. The content of copper and silicon dioxide in the condensate water is usually qualified if the steam quality is qualified.This process has no removal effect on copper and silicon dioxide, but can guarantee their content will not increase after treatment.The content of copper and silicon dioxide will not affect the operation effect of the process. If the condensate water treatment process is used for high pressure boiler, it is necessary to add a mixed bed to deionize the condensate water after cooling.


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