2018-05-21 10:26:15

Guangzhou Petrochemical successfully processed two kinds of new crude oil

Sinopec network news: according to the crude oil processing plan, on May 1, Guangzhou petrochemical 3# crude oil distillation unit started processing Mas crude oil, this was the second new type of oil after the processing of Graine crude oil on April 19. Because of the full preparation of the preliminary work, the optimization and adjustment were in place and the relevant units were in close cooperation. During the process of processing new crude oil, the devices were kept in a safe and environment-friendly operation, and the product quality was all qualified.

Graine crude oil and mas crude oil were imported crude oil. One was high in salt content, and the other one was high in chlorine, especially Graine crude oil from Norway, which was a new oil for the group company. How to ensure the smooth operation, safety and quality of the equipment were the problems faced by the enterprise.

Guangzhou petrochemical held special meetings for the deployment and arrangement, try the best to do the processing work of the two kinds of crude oil. They comprehensively analyzed the nature of Graine crude oil and Mas crude oil, evaluated the distribution of products.They combined the running status of production equipment to conduct a comprehensive safety risk assessment, developed a scientific, rigorous and careful processing scheme to ensure a safe, environmental protection and stable machining process.

In the process of new crude oil processing, production scheduling department fully monitored the raw material properties change, focused on the settlement dehydration and mixing scheme of crude oil, organized the technical personnel to adjust crude oil blending ratio, took measures to ensure the demulsification and desalting effect to ensure the water content and salt content of crude oil to meet the production requirement.

In the process of new crude oil processing, they strengthened the corrosion monitoring of key equipment and pipelines, timely adjusted and analyzed the test items and frequency, and implemented anti-corrosion measures; Scheduling personnel on duty paid close attention on the abnormal changes of plant sewage to ensure that all environmental protection facilities operated normally.

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