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Gasoline Sweetening Solutions

Gasoline Sweetening Solutions

The harm of mercaptan in gasoline: As a result of the existence of mercaptan in catalytic gasoline, it not only causes a foul smell to pollute the environment, but also, as a kind of oxygen initiator, makes the unstable matters in the oil oxidized to cause the decrease of oil quality and stability. In addition, mercaptan itself is corrosive, adverse to the equipment and the safety production. As a result, mercaptan in the catalytic gasoline must be removed or turned into a odorless, non corrosive disulfide.

Good deodorizing treatment:With the development of heavy oil catalytic cracking, the difficulty of Gasoline sweetening increases. In addition, the requirement on sulfur content in gasoline is more strict after the implementation of the environmental protection laws and regulations. Our solution is to improve the deodorization effect by using gasoline sweetening activator, based on the current gasoline alkali-free sweetening process, to make mercaptan content in the gasoline up to the standard.The solution has been successful applied in several Chinese oil refineries, including CNPC and Sinopec.

Successful application:

              Sinopec Cangzhou branch company

              Sinopec Hainan oil refining &chemical Co., Ltd.

              Sinopec Tianjin Dagang Petrochemical Company

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