2018-06-11 10:28:05

Gas desulfurization solutions

The harm of sulfur in the refinery gas: If the H2S content in refinery gas (such as catalytic dry gas, liquefied gas and coking rich gas) exceeds the standard, it will not only cause serious equipment corrosion and shortened plant operation cycle , but also affect the production of downstream products ,even cause the final product can't meet the requirements of environment.

Good gas processing: our processing schemes can be used to help the refinery gas to meet the most stringent requirements of environment rules and processes technology. Our excellent desulfurizer can selectively remove H2S, control the H2S content in the purified refinery gas (catalytic dry gas, liquefied gas and coking rich gas, etc.) to meet the requirements. It has been successful applied in several Chinese oil refineries, including PetroChina and Sinopec ,and has obtained good effects.

Successful application:

             Sinopec Cangzhou branch company

             Sinopec Shi Jiazhuang refining Co., Ltd.

             Sinopec Tianjin Dagang Petrochemical Company

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