Emulsion Breakers

(Desalting Demulsifier


Emulsion Breaker is suitable for the electric desalting device of the refinery. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and wide application. It is suitable for many kinds of mixed crude oil and can meet the demand of desalination and dehydration of mixed crude oil .


1. Strong surface activity,oil solubility.

2. Little dosage, high desalination rate.

3. Do not enter the sewage, reduce the burden of water treatment.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Item                                                Index

Appearance                                        Uniform liquid, No impurities

Density (20℃, g/cm3                0.850-1.150

Flash Point(℃)                                 ≥61

Pour Point(℃)                                 ≤-30

PH Value                                                 6.0-8.0

Solubility                                         Soluble in hydrocarbon and other organic solvents,insoluble in water

Using Method

1. This product is suitable for the electric desalting device of the refinery. It should be used separately, without the selection, it should not be mixed with other demulsifier.

2. The product can not be diluted, added directly to electric desalting device level-1 and level-2 mixing valves,the added amount varies according to the crude oil properties, generally it is 5-20ppm, level-1 for 60% and level-2 for 40% .

Package and Storage

1. Net weight is 200kg/barrel, galvanized drum.

2. Stored in a cool and dry warehouse, pay attention to sun protection, fire prevention and collision prevention.

3. The shelf life is one year.

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