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Diesel Performance Improvement Solution

Improvement solution of diesel  cetane technology: when the cetane number of diesel is too low, it will cause some bad influences,such as: diesel engine starts slowly or can't be started,the ignition performance of engines is bad or can not be inefficiently burned to generate the emissions of a large number of CO and hydrocarbons, which are ways of wasting fuel and losing power .In view of improving the diesel’s quality and protecting the environment, the cetane improver can improve the cetane number and cetane index of diesel greatly .it can also change the ignition performance,reduce the exhaust emissions of the diesel vehicle ,add dynamic performance,save fuel, and improve the diesel’s storage life.

Improvement solution of diesel’s low temperature fluidity: we can make different diesel fluidity improvers according to different kinds of diesels. They are helpful to increase the diesel’s yield and save the kerosene’s usage amount ,so they improve the production flexibility and economic benefits of the refinery.

Improvement solution of low sulfur diesel lubricity: As the request to diesel quality is higher and higher because of the environmental protection , the sulfur content in diesel oil was strictly controlled. But the lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuel becomes poor, and it is easy to make the engine abraded . Our diesel anti-wear agent added into the low sulfur diesel , can effectively improve the lubricity of diesel fuel to reach the requirement of improving diesel’s quality and abrasion resistance .

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