Deodorant Cleaning Agent


In the process of dealing sulfur-containing crude oil, the presence of sulfur and sulfide can result in a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances in the equipment. In the process of plant shutdown, if these substances and hydrocarbons in oil are not cleaned, they can cause serious harm to the environment and personal safety, at the same time, normal work cannot be carried out within the equipment.

CSQ-1 deodorant cleaning agent is a new kind of cleaning agent which is safe, convenient and effective. This product is injected into the device after dilution. Chemical methods are used to turn the odorous substances into other substances that are non-toxic and tasteless, thereby eliminating the odor. It has no corrosion damage to carbon steel and stainless steel, also has corrosion protection to the equipment parts of other materials, such as copper. This product is composed of inorganic water treatment agent, organic water treatment agent, surfactant and corrosion inhibitor,etc., has the characteristics of simple operation, no harm to people and low cost. 


1.Good deodorant cleaning effect;

2.Soluble in water, stable property and not volatile;

3. Non-toxic and harmless, convenient and safe to use;

4. No environmental pollution.

Using Method

1. Scope: applicable to the removal of stench caused by hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, sulfide and other substances.

2. Method: this Deodorant Cleaning Agent is mixed with water by 1:10, clean the system by spraying, soaking or circulating, and the cleaning time is 8 - 10 hours.

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