Crude Oil Organic Chloride Removal Agent

Organic chloride content in crude oil is an important characteristic of oil quality. Organic chloride species are potentially damaging agent for refinery processes. The presence of even a minimal amount of chloride can be catastrophic during crude oil fractionation in the refineries. In this process, organic chlorides become hydrochloric acid, which is highly corrosive and can cause considerable damage to distillation overhead systems.

For this reason, it is essential for producers and users of crude oil to know the content of organic chloride in crude oil and timely treat the crude oil to reduce organic chloride level. 

Without changing any process in the refinery, High organic chloride problem can be solved by adding our Crude Oil Organic Chloride Removal Agent into crude oil before electric desalting. With the presence of the agent, chlorine element from organic chloride could be transferred to water phase by molecular interaction to achieve an effective removal of organic chloride.The product applies to all types of crude oil for organic chloride removal. 


Appearance                             Light yellow liquid

PH value                                      ≥ 11

Density(20℃)kg/m3             950-1250

Our organic chloride Removal agent not only remove CCl4, but also remove other forms of organic chloride in crude oil. After years of field application in the refineries, the best removal rate can reach more than 90%, received consistent praise from customers.

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