2020-03-19 16:14:36

Crude Oil Organic Chloride Removal Agent

          Crude Oil Organic Chloride Removal Agent

Organic chloride is a kind of auxiliary agent in petroleum exploitation, which is helpful to increase petroleum production.However, organochlorine is also highly corrosive, so there are very strict standards for organochlorine in petroleum in Europe and America.The quality of crude oil exported to Europe has deteriorated dramatically due to excessive levels of organochlorine.That may be why European buyers have refused to accept the Contaminated Russian oil.

Crude Oil Organochlorine Removal Agent produced by our company can be injected into Crude Oil before electric desalter without changing the refinery process, and the chlorine elements in organochlorine are transferred to the water phase through intermolecular functions, thus effectively removing Organic chloride.

This product is suitable for removing organochlorine from all types of crude oil.


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