2021-02-22 09:42:43

Corrosion Inhibitors for Refinery

Major corrosion factors of the equipment in the process of oil processing is HCL corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, H2S and other sulfide corrosion, and high temperature naphthenic acid corrosion, etc. These corrosion can lead to the thinning, perforation, crazing of the pipes and equipment ,which directly threaten the safety of production in refinery.

For high temperature naphthenic acid corrosion, if the the equipment were transformed by adopting alloy materials,the investment is very high. In addition, the running units cannot be transformed. For HCL corrosion or H2S corrosion at low temperature part , there is no better material to upgrade the equipment. Our factory has been committed to solving the corrosion problems of equipment and pipelines in the refinery. We have developed various types of corrosion inhibitors according to different properties of crude oil, especially according to the crude oil with different acid value and different sulfur content, which are applied to different corrosion parts of the refinery, some of which are more suitable to be used at the device for processing high sulfur and high acid value crude oil .

Our major corrosion inhibitors include Corrosion Inhibitor for Fraction OVHD CDU System, Corrosion Inhibitor for Sour Water Stripper, Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrogenation Unit, Corrosion Inhibitor for  Delayed Coking Unit,etc.

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