Corrosion Inhibitor for Topping and Vaccum Unit



HS-01corrosion inhibitor for topping and vaccum unit of refining process can prevent fractionating tower top from being corroded, it is suitable for protecting distillation tower and its top pipes ,which treat high-sulfur-content crude oil.


1. Suitable for production equipments of high sulfur content crude oil 

2. Less dosage and high effect, the corrosion rate is up to 90%

3. Composed with kinds of additives

Technical Indicators

Appearance  :    Colorless or light color liquid

Dynamic viscosity (40℃) mm2/s : Actual measured value

Density (20℃) kg/m3   :   900-1200

PH    :   7-9


Added after the ammonia-injection on the top of tower, the suitable PH value is 7-8.5, added volume is 10-30ppm and doubled in the beginning first month.


1.Stored in cool, dry places and keep away from fire, handle with care.

2. Used according to actual conditions of the factory.

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