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Corrosion Control for Atmospheric Distillation Unit

Corrosion Control of Atmospheric Distillation Unit


Our Corrosion inhibitor protect the Atmospheric Distillation Unit from corrosion occurring mainly in the top of Columns , overhead's condensers and accumulators, vapor lines for stabilizer and debutanizer Columns etc...

Technical Specification

Appearance:Clear liquid, has a certain smell
Density  (20ºC) kg/m³:850-900
Flashing point(℃): >61℃
Kinematic viscosity(40ºC) ,mm2 /sActual observation
Solubility:soluble in gasoline and diesel

Main usage: mainly used for preventing corrosion of medium ,such as HCL corrosion, H2S corrosion.  Corrosion level<3MPY on carbon steel coupons. 

Using Method

Injected from top , adding amount is 10-30ppm (relative to the raw material) and should be doubled in the first month.


1.This product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry storeroom, kept away from fire.

2. In the process of application, the user should choose the best condition according to the actual circumstance.

Our anti-corrosion technology is higer than that of other  industry, and this corrosion ihhibitor for refinery is well used in  Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, etc.  


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