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Condensate Water Treatment Technology


Condensate Water Treatment Technology

Necessity of condensate water treatment:

If the excessive impurities in the condensate water are not treated, it will bring serious harm to the safe operation of the boiler.

1) the excessive oil content, iron content and ion content in the condensate water will bring harm to the boiler.

2) the oil and iron in condensate water will also bring harm to ion exchange resin.

Main causes of condensate water pollution

1.Metal corrosion

Due to reasons such as steam carrying and system is not fully closed, there will be a small amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide into the steel equipment and pipeline in the steam and condensate system, causing oxygen corrosion and acid corrosion of the metal. Metal corrosion products, mainly iron corrosion products, will enter the condensate water .

2.Process equipment leakage

The composition of impurities and the way of pollution are also different in different applications and production processes of indirect steam heating. For example, in the oil refinery, the oil and raw water often leak into steam condensate water, resulting in excessive hardness or oil.

3. Steam Pollution

Our condensate water treatment technology adopts the hyperfiltration and fiber adsorption technology, which can effectively treat the condensate water of refineries and chemical plants.

Technological Characteristics

1.High temperature resistant

The steam condensate can be treated directly under high temperature condition.The process of cooling with air cooler or circulating water is abandoned, the heat can be recovered to the maximum extent and good economic benefits can be obtained.Safe and reliable, low operating cost and long operating cycle.

2. Security

The device adopts automatic alternate regeneration setting to ensure the continuity of production and reduce labor intensity.

3. Anti-fouling plugging

This system does not require manual operation, and can automatically clean the interception according to the test condition. Under normal circumstances, it runs continuously, greatly reducing the labor intensity and operation times.

4.Extremely low consumption, safe and environment-friendly

There is no consumption of acid, alkali, resin or raw materials, no discharge of organic matter,and solid matter, greatly reducing the amount of sewage discharge.

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