Composite Desulfurizing Agent


TL-01 composite desulfurizing agent can selectively take out H2S、CO2 from refinery gas and natural gas.


The product is composed by multi-component. Its main components are MDEA and some kinds of high-effective additives. It has higher activation and desulfurizing effect than N-methyldiethanolamine. Its desulfurizing selectivity, capacity for absorbing acid gas, stability, antifoaming ability and regeneration ratio are fairly better than N-methyldiethanolamine. It has good chemical stability, better resistance to oxidation, lower corrosiveness and lower freezing point. It can be used very conveniently.

Technical Data


Application Condition (reference)

Feeding fat gas temperature: 30-35℃

Desulfurizing agent concentration: 35-40%

Feeding lean gas temperature: 40℃

Gas to liquid ratio: 800-1000

Agent to hydrocarbon ratio: 1:4

Top pressure of: regeneration tower: 0.08-0.1Mpa

Top temperature of regeneration tower: >105-115℃

Bottom temperature of regeneration tower: 125℃


1.Stored in cool and dry place , kept away from fire and rain, handled with care.

2.Use  the desulfurizing agent according to actual condition.

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