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Coke Tower Safety Production Solutions

 Coke Tower Safety Production Solutions

Adverse effects of the foam layer in the Coke Tower : Heavy oil produces a lot of foams in the transformation process in the coke , and then the foams form the foam layer, which can easily carry a large amount of coke powder into the bottoms of fractionator with the increase of the coke bed ,causing the coking happened at the bottom of fractionator and the heating furnace tube under high temperature condition to lower the unit’s operating cycle.Due to the presence of the foam layer, coke cycle of the coke tower is reduced and the service efficiency of the equipment is lowed.

Comprehensive solution : In order to eliminate the adverse effect of foam layer in the coke tower, our solution is to use defoaming agent in the coke tower. The common silicon-based defoaming agent can make the silicon pollute the coking gasoline and diesel, causing the downstream hydrogenation catalyst poisoned.Our factory has developed a kind of no silicon defoamer ,which avoids the harm to the downstream device, and has many other advantages,such as, good defoaming performance,good foam suppression performance and good heat resistant performance, fast defoaming rate, non-decomposed when heated to 500 ℃, and suitable for high temperature .Our no silicon defoamer has been successful applied in several Chinese oil refineries, including CNPC and Sinopec ,and shows good results.

Successful application:

              Sinopec Cangzhou branch company

              Sinopec Maoming branch company

              Sinopec Jinan branch companya

              Sinopec Shi Jiazhuang refining co., Ltd.

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