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China's Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction Will Rise in Quantity and Quality

China's Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction Will Rise in Quantity and Quality

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China's energy structure has the characteristics of rich coal, poor oil and little gas. As an important transportation mode of oil and gas, although pipeline has made great progress, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The China international pipeline congress was opened in Langfang on June 12,2018. More than 340 companies from 26 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Germany, France, Australia and the Netherlands,etc. gathered there, showed the latest products, cutting-edge technology and industry development, deepen the cooperation and communication. Experts at the meeting said that in the next few years, the development of oil and gas pipeline in our country will meet the situation of quantity and quality rising together.

China's energy structure has the characteristics of rich coal, poor oil and little gas.With the improvement of living standards and the popularization of automobiles, especially the environmental pressure, the proportion of oil and gas in primary energy keeps increasing.

The change can be seen from a set of data. In 2017, China's per capita energy consumption increased from 2.98 tons of standard coal in 2012 to 3.23 tons.Coal fell from 3.05 tons to 2.77 tons, oil increased from 0.35tons to 0.43tons and natural gas increased from 110.8 cubic metres to 169.7 cubic metres.

With the increase of oil and gas demand, pipeline plays an important role in oil and gas transportation.The former deputy director of the state energy administration Zhang Yuqing said that in recent years, China's oil and gas pipeline industry has achieved rapid development,the total length of oil and gas pipeline in China has exceeded 120,000 kilometers, four strategic oil and gas import channels in northwest, northeast, southwest and sea have been constantly improved,the capacity of onshore pipeline to carry oil and gas has reached 60 million tons and 65 billion cubic meters respectively.  

Although there has been great progress, compared with the international leading level, the development of oil and gas pipelines in China is still lagging behind, which cannot fully meet the demand of oil and gas, especially natural gas, for the current economic and social development.

With the deep integration of "Internet +" and oil and gas storage and transportation construction industry, it is becoming a new target for the development of the industry to build intelligent pipeline and smart pipe network, and to realize all-digital handover, all-intelligent operation and whole-life cycle management.The construction of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities in China will make a leap from quantity to quality.

In terms of quantity, the length of China's crude oil pipeline, refined oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline in 2015 was 27,000 kilometers, 21,000 kilometers and 64,000 kilometers respectively. According to the plan, the three types of pipeline will reach 32,000 kilometers, 33,000 kilometers and 104,000 kilometers respectively by 2020. By 2025, the size of the national oil and gas pipeline network will reach 240,000 kilometers. The coverage will be further expanded, the structure will be more optimized, and the storage and transportation capacity will be greatly improved.

In terms of quality, the construction of intelligent pipeline and smart pipe network is also taking a new step. “At present, a new round of technological and industrial revolution is brewing. The global pipeline industry is developing in digital and intelligent ways, and the new growth energy is accumulating.”Deputy general manager of CNPC pipeline company Wang Huizhi said.

In 2017, CNPC put forward the idea of building an "intelligent pipeline" for the first time. "The rapid development of information technology has laid a foundation for the realization of intelligent pipeline technology, especially the concept of “smart network” was put forward, which pointed out the direction for technology progress of pipeline construction industry.”Xue feng said, in the future, the company will use the “end + cloud + big data + internet” information technology to build a nationwide “smart network”.

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