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Chemical Cleaning Service

Chemical Cleaning Service

Chemical cleaning refers to the use of chemical methods and chemical agents to achieve the purpose of cleaning equipment.


This is a chemical method of removing dirt from the material surface.The chemical cleaning of industrial equipment is the most complex method. The oil removal, rust removal, cleaning and passivation treatment are mainly carried out for the new equipment. After maintenance, the equipment should be pickling,rust prevention and sludge stripping. Solvent cleaning is also considered for heat exchanger in refineries and petrochemical plants to remove organic scale.


1.Cycle cleaning

The cycle cleaning is to use two original parallel grey discharge lines to form a loop and form a circulation system with the cleaning pump station. Add a certain concentration of acid washing liquid, circulate in the grey water pipeline, and when the acidity drops to a certain degree, keep replenishing the acid solution. For a single grey water pipe with a short distance, if the conditions permit, a temporary pipeline may be laid to form a circulation loop with it.The process needs to be carried out in the state of shutdown, and the process is complex.

2. Open cleaning

When cleaning, only a single grey pipe is used for open cleaning.The method is to connect one end of the grey pipe with the cleaning device, continuously prepare a certain concentration of acid solution in the dispensing tank, and inject it into the grey pipe continuously or intermittently.This process requires the addition of cleaning equipment in the shutdown state.

3. Cleaning without shutdown

Cleaning scope of XINCHANG CHEMICAL 

Scale cleaning of cooling water system, heat exchanger cleaning, tank cleaning, oil or gas pipeline cleaning, mud stripping cleaning, atmospheric pressure system cleaning for corrosion protection, air compressor cleaning, crude oil tank cleaning, diesel oil tank cleaning, heavy oil tank cleaning, water tank cleaning, material storage tank cleaning, and gas storage tank (spherical tank) cleaning,etc.


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