2020-12-24 10:14:49

Antifoaming Technique

In the process of coke tower production, the contradiction between the foam layer & height of coke tower and the safety production becomes more prominent with the increasing of the handling capacity.The direct consequence is the serious entrapment of coke tower foam. Coke powder, which has not settled down enough, is brought into the fractionator and then circulated into the furnace tube.Coke powder forms coking factor in furnace tube, aggravating coking in radiant furnace tube, and forming a vicious cycle.


In addition, a large amount of coke powder not only increases the coking tendency of the large oil-gas line at the top of the coke tower, but also deposits at fractionator bottom and blocks the filter, seriously affecting the smooth operation of the delayed coking unit.


In order to effectively control the height of coke tower foam layer and reduce the carrying amount of coke powder, our company has independently developed a variety of antifoaming agent products to meet the needs of customers, including low silicon defoamer ,high efficiency defoamer, no-silicon defoamer, etc. 

They can lower the foaming height of the coke unit to prolong the coke-forming time, reduce the coke-powder entrainment to protect cold exchange equipment and radiant pump, and reduce the coke-powder entrainment of the gasoline and diesel oil to lessen coke-powder sediment at the volatilization line and the bottom of the dephlegmator in order to keep the production cycle long and safe. 

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