Anti-static Agent



Our Static Dissipation Additive or antistatic agent for gasoline and diesel is a unique ashless additive which increases the electrical conductivity of petroleum distillates. It is designed to reduce the electrostatic hazards associated with the handling of fuels and other hydrocarbons which otherwise have low electrical conductivity.

Static Dissipation Additive promotes safe dissipation of electrical changes which may otherwise accumulate as potentially hazardous surface charges during transport and handling of petroleum distillate. The use of this additive does not lessen the need to follow accepted safety practices, including bonding, grounding and flow control.

Most distillate fuels and hydrocarbon solvents have relatively low conductivity (high resistivity). Treatment (e.g. filtration) and transfer operations cause charge separation of ionizable components in the hydrocarbon. This can result in significant surface voltages even within properly grounded equipment. If

the surface voltage exceeds a critical value, an incendiary electrical discharge can occur, resulting in an explosive fire if the vapor phase is a flammable mixture.

Feature and Benefits:

  1.Broad application 

  2.Non-metallic formulation

  3.Low addition rates

  4.Risk management: Reduces risk of devastating losses; Completes safety programme to prevent electrostatic incidents.

Physical and Chemical Properties



Antistatic Agent injection should utilize a continuous injection proportioning pump to deliver additive upstream of open vessels (tank trucks, storage tanks), particularly those downstream of charge generators such as most filters, pumps and small diameter piping.


 (nominal capacity, 200 liters) or in bulk tankers.

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