Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

                Acid Corrosion Inhibitor 

Products Introduction 

Using high concentration acid construction or longer acidification construction may cause serious corrosion to equipment and pipelines. The acidizing corrosion inhibitor produced by our company has good compatibility with hydrochloric acid and mud acid treatment fluid and additives, widely used in low concentration acid, high concentration acid, high temperature acidizing formation and pickling line operation.

Technical Indicator

Item                      Indicator
Solubility                      Easily dispersed in acid,transparent
90℃constant pressure static corrosion rate g/(m2·h)                         ≤5
120℃ high temperature and high pressure dynamic corrosion rate g/(m2·h)                       ≤40

Note: Sinopec enterprise standard Q/SH 0352-2010 ( Acid corrosion inhibitor technology requirement).


Dilute acid firstly, select added quantity according to the operating temperature, stir these evently, then add other additives.

Package and Storage

1. Package: packed in plastic drum or iron drum, net content of 200 kg/barrel, or packed according to customer's request.

2. Transportation: discharge lightly, pay attention to fire prevention, prevent exposure.

3. Storage: stored in shade and ventilation place, pay attention to fire prevention, valid for 1 year.

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