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Solutions of scaling problem in petroleum refining

The harm of fouling phenomenon in the process of refining: In the process of petroleum refining, heavy oil flows in the heat exchanger and pipelines under certain temperature conditions, during which the non hydrocarbon compounds containing sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal impurity atoms will happen condensation and  aggregation, and gradually produce sediment (scale) in the equipment and the surface of pipelines. Scale can lower the heat transfer effect of the equipment, increase the energy consumption and the corrosion to the equipment, reduce the processing capacity of the device ,and affect safety production.

Solutions: As the quality of the crude oil becomes inferior, the conditions of  processing petroleum are becoming more harsh, and the scaling problem of oil processing happened on equipment and pipelines are becoming increasingly prominent.This has become a big obstacle of affecting the devices’ safety, steady and long period of operation. For different scale problems happened on different devices, such as coking unit, catalytic unit, atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit and hydrocracking unit, we have developed different kinds of scale inhibitors for inhibiting scale. They can improve the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchanger, reduce the resistance in the pipe, reduce the energy consumption, and extend the construction cycle of devices.

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              Sinopec Cangzhou branch company

              Sinopec An’ Qing branch company

              Sinopec Jinan branch company

              Sinopec Tahe branch company

              CNOOC Zhongjie petrochemical 

              Shandong Boxing Huifeng petrochemical corporation

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