Low-silicon Defoamer


This Low-silicon Defoamer is used for delayed coking unit. It can lower the foaming height of the coke unit to prolong the coke-forming time, reduce the coke-powder entrainment to protect cold exchange equipment and radiant pump, reduce the coke-powder entrainment of the gasoline and diesel oil to lessen coke-powder sediment at the volatilization line and the bottom of the dephlegmator, in order to keep the production cycle long and safe. 

Distinguishing features

a. Less dosage, long life, stable chemical composition.

b. Fast defoaming speed, persistent inhibition.

c. The product is very safe and never cause corrosion to metal parts.

Technical Index

AppearanceColorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Density (20ºC) kg/m³800-950
Viscosity(40ºC), mm2 /sActual observation
Flash point (Closed cup), ºC    >60

Using Method

a. It should be diluted with 4 times diesel, added into the coke tower from the top of the coke tower.

b. The dosage amount should be around 80-100ppm .

c. It should be added by pump continuously.


a. During the process of the transportation and storage, you should place it carefully, pay attention to fire,and avoid strong sunshine.

b. During the application of this Low-silicon Defoamer, the customer should choose the best service condition according to the actual case.

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