Hydrogenation Air Cooling Corrosion Inhibitor


HS-06 hydrogenation air cooling corrosion inhibitor is suitable for hydrofining unit and hydrocracking unit in refinery to prevent the corrosion of wet H2S at high-pressure low-temperature reaction parts. It replaces the polysulfide corrosion inhibitor used in this part, can overcome the drawbacks of easily precipitating sulfur and clogging pipes in the course of using , reaching a better inhibition effect than polysulfide corrosion inhibitor .


1.  It is a kind of water-soluble and N-containing corrosion inhibitor, comprises a plurality of N atoms in the molecule, has the effect of resisting corrosion caused hydrogen sulfide, can overcome the dew point corrosion in the process of condensation. 

2.  It has the effect of film-forming function, which means it can form a stable protective film to avoid the corrosion of acid and alkaline medium. It can react with H+ in the molecule such as:H2S, HCL, HCN ,etc. in the medium,reducing acid corrosion . 

3.  Added conveniently, does not affect the oil quality and the normal production of devices.

Technical Indicators

Appearance Yellow liquidYellow to dark yellow liquid 
Density 20℃,kg/m3940-1120900-1050
Freezing Point,℃  not more than 0-10


1. Injected continuously into the pipelines before air cooling unit with the gear metering pump . 

2.Adding amount is 20-60ppm, and should be doubled in the first month.


1.In the transportation, it should be load and unload lightly, stored in airtight, dry and cool storehouses. 

In the application , you should calculate the amount based on refining capacity.

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