High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitor for Refining Process


The corrosion inhibitor for refining process is suitable for processing chemical corrosion caused by petroleum acid in the temperature range of 200-400℃, used in refining furnace tubes, diesel distillate pipelines, vacuum tower side line, atmospheric and vacuum tower bottoms in the refinery .


1. It has the function of neutralization and film-forming , the chemical protective film is free from the impact of acid and alkali, it can neutralize petroleum acids in the corrosive medium to reduce acid corrosion. 

2. It can endure high temperature of 200-400 ℃. 

3. It is added conveniently, couldn’t affect the normal production of the unit.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance:    light yellow transparency liquid 

Melting point(℃):      <-25

Density( water=1 ):     0.96-1.20

Boiling point(℃):        260-430

Flash point(℃):        126

ignition temperature (℃):       800-950

Solubility:           soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.


1. The high temperature corrosion inhibitor for refining process  is injected continuously into the site before corroded part with the gear metering pump. 

2. Normal dosage amount is 20-40ppm. 

3.The dosage amount is 40-80ppm in the first month , then according to normal dosage rate.


It is packaged in dedicated galvanized iron drum, with the net weight of 180kg / barrel.


1.In the transport process, it should be loaded and unloaded gently, stored in airtight, dry and cool places. 

2. In the application process, you should calculate the amount based on refining capacity.

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