Ferrous Sulfide Flame Retardant Agent


In the process of processing sour crude oil, due to the existence of sulfur and sulfur compound ,equipment are corroded and many FeSx are deposited in the device .How to remove the sulfide scale and eliminate the hazard caused by ferrous sulfide in the device safely and effectively is the actual problem in oil refinery

Ferrous sulfide flame retardant agent is a kind of safe, convenient ,new-type and high-efficient product based on the common used ferrous sulfide cleansing agents at home and abroad in recent years, This product is injected into the device after been diluted ,it can make the ferrous sulfide dissolved in solution and then happen oxidizing decomposition to form water soluble substances and a small amount of precipitation in the device,

It has no corrosion damage on carbon steel and stainless steel .Besides,it has protection effect on equipment of other materials such as copper .This product is composed of efficient oxidant, dispersant ,corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor, with the advantages of simple operation, no injuries, low cost, etc.


(1) It has excellent flame retardant and cleaning effect;

(2) Soluble in water, less corrosive effect, stable nature, less volatile;

(3) Non-toxic harmless, easy to use, and safe.

(4)Compared with similar domestic products, this product has the advantages of quick clearing speed, safe operation , low environmental pollution, etc.

Technical Indicators



1. Using range: all equipment may produce ferrous sulfide, catalysts adhered by ferrous sulfide .

2. Using method : this Ferrous Sulfide Flame Retardant Agent is mixed with water according to the proportion of 1:10 , then it is injected into the system to spray or loop .it can remove more than 95% ferrous sulfide when contact with ferrous sulfide for 8-10 hours.

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