2019-01-17 10:23:19

FCC Metal Passivator

Our metal passivator can effectively prevent the heavy metal elements from being deposited on the catalyst, which will poison or inactivate the catalyst and cause the catalyst to become selective spoiled, resulting in the reduced light oil yield. our  product is an efficient passivation of nickel and vanadium compound metal passivator. With high effective metal content, good dispersibility, the characteristics of high activity, especially suitable for nickel, vanadium content were higher in heavy oil catalytic cracking unit.


1.Stable performance, low toxicity, no smell and water soluble. 

2.High content of effective component, low consumption.

3.Good atomization and dispersibility property.

4.It contains rare-earth element, and can act as normal metal passivation agent , can also raise the activity of balanced catalyst.

5.Two harmful metal nickel and vanadium would be passivated at the same time.


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