Delayed Coking Scale Inhibitor



Delayed Coking Scale Inhibitor is applied to delayed coking unit to delay the coke of radiation tube furnace, prolong the period of run.


1.It has antioxidant properties and metal passivation function,can form stable complex with metal ions in the oil the residue ; 

2.It has cleaning and splitting function; once a small amount of fouling or corrosion products are formed, it can deter them to get together to limit the increase particle deposition; 

3.It contains anti-corrosion agent and film-forming agent, so that the metal will not be oxygen ed and corroded.

Technical Indicators



Added amount is 80-100 ppm of radiation, because of the larger viscosity ,it should be diluted by 1:1 , and injected from pump.


1.This scale inhibitor for delayed coking unit for  should be stored in ventilated and dry storeroom; prevent water and mechanical impurities mixed with it.

2.In the process of application, user should choose the best conditions according to the actual circumstance.

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